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We know that you probably come here on a daily basis to see the famous Babe of the Day feature. We know that you come to this page on a daily basis to see the hottest babes, including our Thong of the Day pictures. However, if you were to come to the page the past couple of days, you will notice the format you are familiar with has disappeared. 

We have been testing a new Babe of the Day feature that is not only updated more frequently, but has more of the hot babes you have come to enjoy at In fact, if you go to our new improved HOT SHOTS page, you can see the Hot Shots gallery, filled with your favorite babes from all around the world. You can also see some of the hottest photos, including "Topless in Miami," featuring French model Anais Zanotti and Brazilian blonde beauty Ana Braga sunbathing, among other galleries we have for you. 

There is also an advantage to the new layout we are using. This page is easier to view on your mobile phone. Instead of zooming and clicking to see the next babe, you can see any of our Hot Shots galleries much more easily on your mobile phone. (In fact, you just need one hand to flip through the latest babe photos!)

We know what you come here to see on our website, and that is the Babes on We are working hard to give you MORE of what you want. Instead of just a couple of babes every day, we are working to get you MORE babes, MORE often. We realize this may not be what you are used to, and we appologize to everyone that is used to seeing the Babe of the Day feature in a certain way.

We appreciate you visiting, and hope that you will continue to return day after day to see the hottest babes! If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to our web team at


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