A chef in Detroit was so inspired by Radiohead's Kid A album that he decided to create a 10-course tasting menu that pairs with each track from the album.  

It's a one night only type deal called "A Night With Kid A," the menu posted on the event's Facebook page, as reported by Rolling Stone, starts with a "pan-seared diver scallop with yuzu fluid gel, fried cellophane noodle, lemongrass ponzu and chili oil" paired with opening track "Everything In Its Right Place." Moving on to the album's title track, Hanley offers a "Black Caprese," and moves through delectables including lamb chops with crispy pig ear, monkfish, duck breast and arugula salad before closing with a "mousse duo with blackberry pate de fruit" set to "Motion Picture Soundtrack."

And in case you like a beverage with your meal, there are also wine and cocktail pairings.  

The dinner features three seatings of 12 people each on February 19th at Detroit's Elizabeth Theater at the Park Bar. Tickets are $125 in advance, and Hanley is considering creating a monthly series with dinners paired with different albums. 

I think the concept is great, but maybe don't do it in a city that is bankrupt?

Getty Images - Thom Yorke of Radiohead